Welcome to Moulay Bouzerktoun !

Season 2021-22, RyanAir (Marseille), Easyjet (London), TUI fly (Bruxelle) & Transavia (Paris) are now flying to Essaouira airoport !
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Everything you need for a perfect surfing holiday in Moulay :

We can arrange :

Wind and waves:

The northeast trade-wind is here named 'Charki'. It blows all year round and increases from mid-March until mid-September
It reaches force 7, between 4 and 5 at other times.
In winter, the trade-wind is less consistent (3/4 Beaufort) and comes from other directions.

The waves are exceptional from spring to fall. Recommended sail size is 3.7, 4.2 and 4.7 m2, and a 5.0 may also be useful in winter.
Recommended board volume between 65 and 80 liters.

Moulay is a perfect spot to jump and surf the waves. You can get help from the locals to master your most difficult manouvers, and even compare your jumps with Boujmaa!

Accommodation :

el mouja house accommodation moulay bouzerktoun

3 houses with sea-view terraces are for rent year-round, giving you a perfect view over the spot.
Each house has a kitchen, toilet and shower.
A garage is available to store your boards and rigged sails, so you can be on the water in minutes.
Internet access is also available.

Moulay Accomodation

Wifi Moulay

Food :

Our family Labdi offers guests all Moroccan dishes, couscous, tagines, fish, Kefta, Tangia and Moroccan bread...
There´s nothing like a good fish tajine after a surfing session (meals on request).
Big Breakfast with fresh bread and orange juice, pancake with oney and tea can be ordered every morning by our guest.

Shop :

The store is specialized in surf wear clothing and accessories.
It offers Rip Curl and Gipsy Surfer. There is a lot of choice for both women and men.

Courses and equipment hire :

The newest equipment from this year in full range Starboard / Severne , Fanatic / North, are offered for rent at Moulay.
If you damage your board, Younes & Miloud (the kings of epoxy) can restore your board cheaply and in no time.

Links :

Moulay Webcam

Contact :

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur le logement? les conditions? les tarifs ? ... N’hésitez pas à nous contacter :

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